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Rhombus is excited to announce that we are now part of the Kargo family.

I am excited to announce that Rhombus is joining Kargo. The vision and technology that made Rhombus unique among competitors will now live within the Kargo Global platform as "Social Canvas", containing the same innovative social embed technology our clients have come to love.

What started as a kernel of an idea eventually reached tens of millions of users, hundreds of publishers, and countless advertisers. This could not have been accomplished without our incredibly talented team. With Kargo’s support and leadership, Social Canvas will continue to provide exclusive brand advertising opportunities and deliver incremental revenue to publishers. Onwards and upwards,Abe Storey

One integration. Every social embed.


People used to talk about the news on social media…

Now social media is the news.


Drive Incremental Revenue

Our Products

In-Article Embed Monetization

Rhombus automatically detects, analyzes, and places ads around the social embeds already in your articles.

Advertisers bid based on the meta-data of the embed, driving incremental revenue and an improved ad experience for your site.

Rhombus Embeds
Our Products

Happening Now

Rhombus's Happening Now solution automatically places relevant social content in your articles.

Fully customizable based off of keywords on a page, publisher social content, or a set list of keywords or accounts.

Partnering with the biggest publishers in  Sports.Entertainment.News.Pop Culture.


Why Rhombus?


Easy Setup

Just 1 line of JS and you're off to the races. Integrations with DFP, WordPress, and more! Most publishers are up and running in under 30 minutes.


Lightning Fast Loadtimes

Fully asynchronous loading in under 200ms with just 4 network requests. Your tech team will love us, we promise.


Reporting Dashboards

Easy to use reporting dashboard. And if you're tired of logging into to yet another dashboard - we've got you covered with automated email reports.


Exceptional User Experience

Rhombus only monetizes 1 embed per page and auto-collapses when there's no fill. Your users are our priority.

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