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Rhombus places contextual advertisements around social embeds.

Rhombus is excited to announce that we are now part of the Kargo family.

I am excited to announce that Rhombus is joining Kargo. The vision and technology that made Rhombus unique among competitors will now live within the Kargo Global platform as "Social Canvas", containing the same innovative social embed technology our clients have come to love.

What started as a kernel of an idea eventually reached tens of millions of users, hundreds of publishers, and countless advertisers. This could not have been accomplished without our incredibly talented team. With Kargo’s support and leadership, Social Canvas will continue to provide exclusive brand advertising opportunities and deliver incremental revenue to publishers. Onwards and upwards,Abe Storey

Introducing Rhombus

For Brands

Buy Social. On Digital.

Place ads around social embeds on premium publishers.

Target based on @accounts, #hashtags, keywords including the biggest celebrities, influencers, and tentpole events that would be otherwise unattainable.

For Publishers

Embed Monetization

Tap into the revenue potential of social embeds. Most publishers already include social embeds on over 1/3 of their articles.

Start driving incremental revenue today with Rhombus.

Unleash the power of social embeds.



Of articles online include a social embed.



Of Americans trust curated social posts from publishers over stories on social platform feeds.



Of consumers think contextual targeting is a better user experience.

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