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Social media doesn't end inside the walled gardens. So why does your campaign?

Expand your digital strategy with Rhombus. Target ads around social posts embedded across premium publishers.


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How It Works

Rhombus Step 1

Choose Accounts & Keywords

Create a list of social media accounts and keywords that align with your brand. There's no limit to who you can choose or how many.

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Upload Creative

Upload a background image, logo, and the ad copy. Need help? We'll work with you to craft a winning campaign.

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Select Targeting

Choose from our list of premium publishers, devices, locations, and many more targeting options.

And You're Live!

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Rhombus drove leads while improving Rootstrap's brand recognition among B2B decision makers.

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Sportscrate, the latest offering from Lootcrate, partnered with Rhombus to generate brand awareness and drive e-commerce conversions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ad unit dimensions?

The Rhombus ad format contains two images which display above and below embedded content. The top image is 548 x 318 px and the bottom is 548 x 94 px. We also support certain IAB standard sizes. Start your campaign to access our design templates.

Can I see a live demo?

Sure thing! Click here to view a live demo. Contact us and we can prepare a custom live demo for your marketing team.

What are the ad guidelines?

The most important guideline is that ads cannot contain an individual's name, content, or image. Please review our full advertising policies here.

What does Rhombus cost?

We bill on a CPM basis. The CPM ranges depending on the campaign's details.

Can you help with the creative?

Absolutely. Our award winning design team loves helping clients with creative.

How do I use Rhombus as a publisher?

Installation for publishers takes less than 5 minutes. Contact us and we'll set up a time to chat. Most publishers are sitting on thousands of dollars of unmonetized embeds.

Billions of Impressions Served

Rhombus is powered by AWS, the same ad serving technology that serves billions of impressions daily for the world's leading media companies.

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