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Target ads around social embeds based on @accounts, keywords, and contextual segments.

Rhombus is excited to announce that we are now part of the Kargo family.

I am excited to announce that Rhombus is joining Kargo. The vision and technology that made Rhombus unique among competitors will now live within the Kargo Global platform as "Social Canvas", containing the same innovative social embed technology our clients have come to love.

What started as a kernel of an idea eventually reached tens of millions of users, hundreds of publishers, and countless advertisers. This could not have been accomplished without our incredibly talented team. With Kargo’s support and leadership, Social Canvas will continue to provide exclusive brand advertising opportunities and deliver incremental revenue to publishers. Onwards and upwards,Abe Storey

Why Social Embeds?

36%Higher Viewablity

58%Improved dwell time


Context Matters

Safer Social

Reach a qualified audience in a brand-safe, fraud-free digital environment. Ads surround editor-curated social embeds within the article pages of accredited publisher sites.

Better Targeting

  1. Social Platforms

    Start with what social platforms you'd like to target. From Twitter to TikTok, we've got you covered with support for over 10+ platforms and growing.

  2. Rhombus Contextual Segments

    Then, choose from a list of over 200 Rhombus Contextual Segments (RCS). From "Film Festivals" to "Sports", you can go as broad or as granular as your campaign requires.

  3. Social Taxonomy

    Want to go a level deeper? Craft a custom campaign based on your own list of @accounts, keywords, or #hashtags.

Smarter Creative

Run units in a distinct format that seamlessly surround embeds on desktop and mobile. Use display, rich-media, or even outstream video assets.

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